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Logo design process

Creating a new logo is a process

Behind the creation of a really high quality logo, there is a lot of hard work, hours or days of research and, most importantly, adherence to a certain creative process. Every designer works differently. I'm describing my process here, so you can get a better idea of how it all works.

Logo design process

  1. Obtaining basic information

    Before we start creating anything together, I need to get to know you and your business better. Ideally, we should meet in person - if that's not possible, at least on video call or email. I never charge anything for the first meeting and only if you and I decide to work together, I send a detailed quote and delivery date via email. Once this is agreed, I send the first advance invoice and once it is paid, I start to work.
  2. Groundwork

    My questionnaire will come first. It's not just a formality - it has several functions and great value for both sides. It will help you to realize a lot of things about your business (some of which you may not have even thought about yet) and to me, it will create something like a design brief. It will set up imaginary boundaries for the new design, and at the same time the future strategy of your brand will begin to form automatically.
  3. Research

    I always do my own competitive research in parallel with what the client tells me at the meeting and in the questionnaire. By comparing the data obtained from you with my own research, we'll be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business. I always consult the results of my research with you. If you don't know precisely your target group yet, this step will help us find it and define it. For more complex projects involving more elements of visual identity, I also create simplified project documentation, where all important facts are stored.
  4. Creative stage

    Only now, when I have support in a good design brief and research, I can immerse myself in the creative work. The information and emotions gained in the previous steps, along with my experience, will help me to create the perfect solution just for you. Hence the new logo will be not created by a gamble or by kissing of the muse, but rather by a gradual process and thanks to honest preparation and all the hard work done in previous steps. If you want, I can also create a company or product slogan for you.
  5. Design presentation

    I'll present you the result of our cooperation at a personal meeting. You'll learn not only how I proceeded in my work, but also the essence of my solution and how it fits into your brand strategy, which we defined at the beginning. After the presentation, we discuss the design, I answer your questions and listen to any comments you may have.
  6. Completion and handover

    After final approval of the design, I can complete your new logo. I.e. that I will fine-tune all the "invisible" details and prepare your new logo for export to various file types, so that they can be easily used not only by you, but by anyone else who'll work with the logo in the future. The source data also includes a simplified graphic manual in PDF format, where you will find a basic color definitions and safe-zones of the logo. Once the data is ready to send, I'll send you the final invoice for the rest of the agreed price. Once the payment is completed, I'll send you a link to a ZIP file with your new logo.
  7. Further management and care of your brand

    The new logo is just a beginning of the building your brand journey. I can remain in close contact with you and help in the long run, not only with other elements of corporate identity, but also with the technical side associated with the application of the logo and supervision of its proper use inside and outside the company. If the logo is going to be used often by someone else or someone outside your company, it is advisable to prepare a more comprehensive graphic manual, which then serves not only you, but also third parties.

Do you want to ask anything else?

If you have any questions, or want to make an appointment right away, contact me. If you are still hesitant, you may read what my clients have written on our cooperation.