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Side projects

What I offer

Truly timeless design

I create simple and practical design, that doesn't pretend. In addition to creating a logo and everything that graphically represents your business, I can give you a professional advice as well. A straightforward, typographic style, with a long-term value is typical for my work.

Graphic design

  • Logo

    Corporate or product logo and if you don't have one yet, also a slogan or company motto. For larger companies, I design a more complex visual style, defined in the graphic manual, if necessary. If you already have a logo and are looking for a way to modernize it, we can redesign it.

  • Print

    I design and prepare print data for any corporate prints, car decals, billboards, banners, print or web advertising, light advertising, way-finding and information systems. Virtually everything that represents your company graphically.

  • Web

    From a one-page website, over regular corporate websites, to larger projects on which I always cooperate with proven external coders and programmers. Today, I'm creating websites mostly for a long term clients, who entrust me with web development as part of their corporate identity.

  • Consultation

    We often can't see the forest for the trees. On top of design consultations, I offer also a comprehensive care for your brand and fresh insight into your daily routine. I'll help you get an unbiased view of your business.


  • Photography and video

    Product photos, company realizations, portraits, architecture, real estates, and also video. You'll find samples of my photos on a standalone website soon.

Are you interested?

You may find my current availability for new projects on contact page.

Still on the fence?

If you are still hesitant and don't know exactly what to expect from me, below you'll find some other important information that could help you to make your decision.

What to expect

  • Reliability

    I never promise anything, that I wouldn't be able to finish successfully. I expect the same from my clients.

  • Experience

    Colors, formats, material, sizes, units. You can get it all out of your head and focus on your business. Thanks to my experience, I can communicate directly with the print-shop or your advertising supplier.

  • Complex services

    Taking care of the whole visual identity isn't an easy task. With me, you have the advantage, because I can create a large part of the work myself. When it's more appropriate, I'll recommend one of my colleagues and oversee the result.

  • Personal approach

    Since I don't have fixed working hours, I try to accommodate your schedule whenever I can.

What you can't expect

  • Deadline tomorrow

    Graphic design is a craftwork and has its own process, which can't be rushed in most cases. Although it's possible to be relatively flexible after a certain period of our cooperation, everything has its reasonable limits.

  • All without your participation

    Creating anything without you would be completely pointless work, with an uncertain outcome at least. We must act as partners from the beginning and therefore necessarily work very closely together. Especially in the beginning, I need a lot of information and inputs, that only a client can provide.

  • Senior Graphic Designer, UX Designer, Art-Director

    There is an extraordinary, noble-sounding word, for every ordinary thing. I'm not trying to impress you with titles or industry slang. I always speak in such a manner that you understand me and are always sure of what we are talking about and what it means.

Did I help you decide?

Write me. But, if you in the end got the feeling that you are looking for something or someone else - it's ok, you and I'll save a lot of time and this site still fulfilled its purpose :)