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Frequent questions

How I work

I prefer personal contact and long-term cooperation, which is why most of my more complex projects are for clients from the Czech Republic, naturally. While it's possible to create some individual parts of corporate identity without personal contact, when communicating remotely and often in a foreign language, many important details and emotions that are so necessary for the appropriate sound of corporate style may get lost.

When is the right time to contact me

Clients usually approach me when they're just starting their business, so they don't have a logo or any visual identity yet, or they've been in business for a while, but the company logo has not been a priority so far. It also often happens that a company or product already has an existing logo, but it was either designed unprofessionally (albeit with good intentions) or it turned out over time that the logo doesn't work for the client's target business.

What makes me different

I started my career in an agency specializing in the physical production of advertising. I gained practical experience with processes and materials used in the production of advertising and printing. Gradually, I grew from the position of an auxiliary worker in production to production/graphics manager. I had the opportunity to understand how the whole advertising mechanism works and what are its possibilities and limits in everyday life. This experience gave me the ability to create a design that is not only timeless and easy to understand, but above all, very practical. I gradually learned to perceive graphic design as a craft, not as an art. I believe that design must work first, everything else is secondary.

How the first cooperation looks like

I start cooperating with the client mostly by consulting and evaluating the current state of corporate identity at a personal meeting. During this meeting, the client and I will ensure that we understand each other. If it turns out that we do, we plan the first steps how to build or improve client’s corporate identity or even the whole brand. The company logo will usually come first. Although its importance is sometimes overestimated, it's still and it will be one of the most important elements of the visual identity of most of the businesses. How the logo is created, I describe in detail on a separate page.

Is there anything else you want to ask?

I hope that the information on this page has helped you get a better view of how such typical collaboration works and how I approach it. If you want to ask something or make an appointment right away, let me know.