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D-Klima – The fresh air

Time of realization

2012 / 2013 / 2014

Project - D-Klima – logo, basic version D-Klima - logo, basic version

About client

D-klima is a manufacturer focusing on producing high-quality air-conditioning ducts and pipe fittings considering the materials and precision of production. The goal was to replace their existing logo with a new one that would better represent company's culture but also the essence of their products and services that are automatically associated with their products – mostly air-conditions.

The brief

My main goal with the logo was to imply the basic features of air-condition on such level that is comprehensible for end consumer. Air-condition and all the related products are associated with something else, but everybody knows thermostat on the wall, that controls the temperature.

That's why I decided to created a graphic part of the logo to symbolize a change of temperature, air movement, innovation, but also continuous technical advancement of the company.

Thanks to this concept, I managed to avoid stereotypical motives in graphics, which are usually a snowflake, the sun, a flame, the wind or a wave, often also ventilation grille.

D-Klima – business cards D-Klima - business cards
D-Klima – bill of lading D-Klima - bill of lading
D-Klima – invoice D-Klima - invoice
D-Klima – product catalogue D-Klima - product catalogue
D-Klima – product catalogue D-Klima - product catalogue
D-Klima – corporate website and e-shop D-Klima - corporate website and e-shop

I gradually provided


I'm happy, that I managed to imprint the feeling of the fresh air and comfortable climate, in D-Klima's new logo.